Hub Cafeteria Reno 2.0

It’s really happening! The Hub renovation is underway and if the noise didn’t make it real enough (Sorry friends) We have some fantastic designs to share with you.

Hub Mood board

The Hub design elements were inspired by the old barns and lush greens that reflect Ontario’s fresh produce. Think reclaimed wood and big red barns!

Design Concept

We’ve completely changed the layout to create a bright and inviting space. The Hub’s pillars are also getting a face-lift! with chalkboard desigsn and loads of fun and information.


Most importantly…the food! The Hub will now host a variety of stations to fill your bellies with locally-sourced, scratch-cooked meals. The stations will include: the new carvery, a handmade sandwich station with lots of delicious toppings, and the grill station and all day breakfast!!! (breakfast for dinner anyone?)

There is more to come and we cannot wait to show you. Let us know what you think of the changes so far!

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