King Kale!

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Kale is a newly talked about green superfood that has been receiving great attention over the last few years. Kale shares the same family with broccoli and cauliflower and can be added to your diet many ways. Here are some fun facts about kale:

  • High in fibre – Makes you feel full longer
  • High in Calcium and Vitamin A – great for bone strengthening and preventing night blindness
  • Fights against heart disease and other chronic diseases

Kale is available all year long, but tastes the best when it is in season… the middle of winter through the beginning of spring. Make sure to stock up on this superfood when it tastes and looks the best! Look for kale with firm, deeply coloured leaves and moist, firm stems. Switch up your salad leaves for some baby kale, add it to soups or boil it for a perfect side dish. However this king of the greens is added to your diet, they will up your nutrition and up your health!

You will see kale featured in many dishes at the Hub cafeteria and residence dining during this week. A rustic pasta and fresh salad are some kale featured dishes that will all be available to you for an affordable, student friendly price! Be sure to give kale a try!

Nutritiously yours,

Cristina, RUEats Ambassador

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