Residence Meal Plans

Meal plans allow you to purchase meals, without tax, at all eateries and coffee shops on campus. Your Ryerson OneCard doubles as your meal plan card, which is used like a debit card. No need to carry cash!

Your Residence Meal Plan is your ticket to the most delicious, wholesome and affordable food that Ryerson has to offer. With it, you’ll enjoy fresh, made-from scratch meals from talented chefs, as well as the delicious diversity of our community.

Plus, it’s fast, convenient and easy. You can grab a healthy bite at any of our handy locations on campus, and you don’t have to carry cash — just carry your OneCard.

Best of all, your Residence Meal Plan helps you get the most from your money. You’ll save the tax (13%) on all of your meal purchases using the card, which means your dollars go ever further.

Half of the value is loaded onto your card in September; the remaining half is loaded onto your card in January. Money remaining on your card in December will be transferred to second term. Students with remaining balances at the end of the academic year have four options. You can find out more about the dollar amount for each meal plan size below.

How it works

Ryerson Eats Residence Meal Plans use declining balance technology similar to a debit card, but without the fees. Funds are loaded onto your OneCard at the beginning of each semester and deducted each time you swipe it to purchase meals at any of Ryerson Eats’ eateries and kiosks on campus, including Starbucks and Tim Hortons. Remember, meal purchases are tax-free.

Any money remaining on your card in December automatically transfers over to the second term. If at the end of the academic year you have a remaining balance, there are a few options for you. Please refer to the One Card website at for more details. Meal plans are mandatory for students living in Pitman Hall, ILLC and O’Keefe. Students living in Pitman Hall Apartments can choose the smaller plan to supplement their own cooking.

Your food, your way

Dietary requirements are never one-food-fits-all. That’s why we provide:

• Choices that reflect our community’s diverse cultural and nutritional requirements
• Clear, easy-to-identify labeling on all café and kiosk menus and signage
• Flexible options, like our Greens & Grains and Build Your Own Bowl stations, which let you tailor your meals to your own tastes

Right where you need us

Ryerson Eats has three dining locations and seven kiosks located conveniently throughout campus. Plus, your Meal Plan dollars can also be used at other campus food outlets, like Balzac’s, Oakham Café and the Ram in the Rye.


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