Ryerson Market Spotlight Vendor: Bees Are Life

Bees Are Life. Yes, it’s that simple! And these bee keepers are making the Ryerson Market sweeter than ever.

Did you know that one third of the world’s food system is produced with the help of pollination, making bees essential to daily life? With dwindling honey bee populations, especially in urban settings, the Bees Are Life beekeepers are helping preserve beehives, one market at a time. Through sustainable bee keeping practices and public education, Bees Are Life helps raise public awareness about the importance of bees to our planet.



To remind us of the delicious and practical contribution bees make to our planet, Bees Are Life sells a variety of 100% organic honeys along with body care products and beeswax candles.




To find out what all the BUZZ is about, come visit Bees Are Life next Wednesday from 11-2pm at the Ryerson Market.

Please visit their website for more information!

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