Ryerson Market Spotlight Vendor: PV Farms

It is well known that the Ryerson Farmer’s Market has some of the best prepared food in the city, but let us not forget who harvested the food: farmers!

Meet Paul one of the Farmers who sells his produce at the Ryerson’s Farmers Market. Paul has been in the farming industry for 10 years. All of his vegetable produce come from his farm in Ridgeway, Ontario that he has own 2 years.

He proudly grows all of his vegetable produce without pesticides and chemical products. Even though growing produce without pesticides or chemicals presents a challenge, Paul takes it head on with creative solutions. For example Paul uses coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer. Coffee grounds adds nitrogen to the soil, improves drainage, water retention and aeration of the soil. Coffee grounds also help to attract micro-organisms and earthworms.



Appletree_Ryerson_Farmers_Market_October_7_2015 (7)

The week that just past at the market Paul had cucumber, tomatoes, apples, potatoes, peppers, asparagus and leaf greens.

Appletree_Ryerson_Farmers_Market_October_7_2015 (4)

If you are at the market next, fingers crossed Paul will be hoping to bring strawberries, kale and radishes.

Come on over to the market next Wednesday from 11am-2pm and ask Paul more about his farm. Support your local, home grown farmers by buying some greens for your health and tummy.

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