Ryerson Market Spotlight Vendor: Young Animal

As another Ryerson Market approaches this Wednesday on Gould from 11am to 2pm, a new featured vendor emerges!

Young Animal specializes in Trinidadian food and brings a unique flavour to our Ryerson Market. Chef Adisa Glasgow uses French and Italian techniques to prepare his traditional Trinidadian dishes, making them particularly distinct. While bringing Trinidadian flavours to the market, Young Animal also encourages visitors to take the flavours home with them in their assortment of jars. Most of their produce comes from farmers in Ontario, including the scotch bonnets used in their signature Mixtape hot sauce.



Young Animal’s featured market meals are their delicious Doubles ($4) and Jerk Chicken Steamed Bun ($7). Doubles are a Trini classic featuring a deep fried and then steamed bun with flavourful curried chick peas, topped with their tangy tamarind sauce. The Jerk chicken steamed bun consists of a moon shaped steamed bun, filled with tender shredded jerk chicken, pickled purple cabbage, daikon and carrots.


Young Animal also offers four vegan meals in a jar for purchase, including their mixtape hot sauce, curried chick pea Chana, Callaloo and Tamarind sauces. Prices range from $4-$7.

If you’re interested in trying some new Trinidadian flavours for lunch or want to incorporate them in your cooking at home, visit Young Animal at our next Ryerson Farmer’s Market!



Follow Young Animal on Twitter and Instagram or check out their Website for more information!

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  1. Young Animal says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout Alex! We are thrilled to be participating in the RU farmer’s market. We look forward to providing more tasty lunch and takeaway options for the Ryerson community throughout the season.


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