Thank you for joining us at grand opening of The Hub Café

We’re still overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of everyone who’s attended  the grand opening of The Hub Café on November 5th. Thank you to all who helped make this day happen! The space is an embodiment of all the hard work, time and energy that was put into creating a Ontario food hub on campus for all students, faculty and staff to enjoy. It reflects our commitments to, local food procurement and sustainable growing and production practices, the accessibility to wholesome, delicious, and affordable food, and lastly, to the students who advocated for a food revolution on campus!

Breakfast is important guys and gals, which is why the day began early with luscious yogurt parfaits featuring Kimberely’s Own granola being passed around by our lovely staff at around 8:30am.


It also kicked off our new menu additions, particularly at The Grill with a promotion introducing The Eggy! I mean look at this…it’s a beautiful golden delight made with real Ontario eggs, and cheddar cheese.


Do we sound in love? Cause we are.


We kept the good times rolling with our ribbon cutting, some thank yous and the signing of the pledge at 11 am. Joshna Maharaj, Assistant Director of Food Services and Executive Chef at Ryerson Eats kicked it off by thanking all the different partners who made The Hub Café a reality. It has truly been a labor of love, and she was beaming with absolute happiness to finally see it come to fruition!


“For those of you who are curious about this space, the most exciting thing is that now the outside matches the inside. The vibe of the place, matches the vibe of the food that we’re serving. And then we’re telling a better and more authentic, which is very exciting for the Ryerson Eats team. We are thrilled to have built a place on this campus at Ryerson where local food lives.”

—Joshna Maharaj, Assistant Director of Food Services & Executive Chef, Ryerson University


Sheldon Levy, President of Ryerson University started with a reminder of how far the university has come from its previous food services operations, and the importance of these changes in building a stronger and better community on campus.

“It’s very seldom that something changes the DNA of a university so quickly, but Ryerson Eats has changed the DNA of our university so I want to congratulate Joshna and Julia of course, but I also want to thank all of my colleagues that I meet at the Tim Horton’s counter everyday – the people that serve me with a smile on their face and with delicious food, and to everyone who plays the role that is sometimes invisible. They might be in the kitchen right now, making that soup that has now become almost a symbol of community. These things are only done when the family works together. And one thing is for sure, food is about family.”


 —Sheldon Levy, President, Ryerson University

Julia Hanigsberg, Vice President of Ryerson University has been a vocal advocate and active listener to the needs of the Ryerson community. We are quite sad to see her go! However, she gave us hope when she ended her speech assuring us that we will be seeing her around campus when she pops by and picks up her daily soup! She’s Chef Rossy’s biggest soup fan. It was wonderful to see our Chartwells management team and Ryerson University leadership come together and cut the grand opening ribbon with possibly the largest pair of scissors the university has ever seen.


However, the most meaningful moment for us came when the entire management team came together and took the pledge to source 25% local and sustainable food for the Ryerson campus community. We have it on paper, folks! This is really happening, and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved. We hope that this moment is the beginning of bigger and better initiatives for food services on campus. This pledge is part of the go local campaign, which wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of the Greenbelt Fund.

“I am very proud to recommit Ryerson to the pledge that you see on the wall here by my side – a minimum of twenty-five percent locally and sustainably sourced food purchased for campus meals. This is a hugely important thing for Ryerson, a hugely important commitment we’ve made. Not only to the university and to our students, but to the agricultural community in Ontario. There is a huge impact we can make on local food production.”

—Julia Hanigsberg, Vice President of Administration & Finance, Ryerson University

We wanted to share the grand opening festivities with our favorite suppliers and distributors. So we invited them over to showcase their incredible hard work, which is conveniently delicious! Our friends from Montforte Dairy were there sampling a variety of their decadent cheeses.


We also had Bryan and Cathy from YU Ranch sampling their beef jerky and frankfurters.


Andrea from Andrea’s Bakery who stole the show with her Butter Tarts; seriously, there was a small cult following on twitter that lost their mind over these things.



And some crisp Ontario grown apples brought to you by 100KM foods, a local food distribution company.


Last but not least, we had Pristine Gourmet demo their non-GMO grown edamame and oils in the most colorful way; a fantastic salad!



We are so grateful for these producers for making our job so much easier by providing their delectable goods. All we have to do is present these foods to you, and the quality ingredients do all the talking!

To go along the day’s events we also had a survey led by our interns from the Nutrition Department to connect with our Ryerson community and determine the importance of local food procurement and availability on campus. Look at these smiling faces! Rocking our Powered by Ontario Food Tees, we love collaborating with our students, nurturing their knowledge and promoting local, sustainable food! They are a great group, sharp and filled with loads of energy.

Ryerson_Eats_Ryerson_Food_Services_Hub_Cafe_Nutrition_InternsFor our afternoon snack, we offered samples of  Chilled

Ontario Avalon Cider with floating Martin’s Apple Chips. It was crisp, refreshing and quite the surprise for our students! If you haven’t tried the cider before, it is certified organic and grown in Innisfill, Ontario. If you’re craving a crunchy treat, you have to taste the Apple Chips, the’re tart and sweet and a great alternative for your crisps cravings.


In the end, we want to say Thank you to our awesome staff who help make the Café a great space for students, faculty  and staff to grab a wholesome, delicious and affordable meal with a smile. We appreciate your support and commitment to promoting locally grown food on campus.

Make sure you follow us on @RUEats on twitter and instagram for updates, contests, and menus. We love to talk to you! So tell us what you think of the new Hub Café and what you’d like us to introduce. We hope that this space will continue to grow with you and for you. Thanks folks.



Big thanks to the Greenbelt Fund for their support of our #golocal program!


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