The First Day of the Farmers’ Market

It’s officially spring, and we are incredibly happy the weather has warmed up just in time for the first Farmers’ Market!

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The market is being run by our wonderful friends at Appletree Markets once again, and will take place every Wednesday from 11am – 3pm until October 8th on Gould Street!

There will be a great assortment of vendors, selling local Ontario vegetables, fruit, honey, maple syrup, as well as street food vendors, prepared food vendors, food trucks and more!

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Today’s kick-off was a total blast, with a seven piece band playin groovy tunes that got  everyone dancing and singing along.

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The prepared food made for a delicious lunch! My Little Dumplings had organic edamame dumplings, steamed first then pan-fried and topped with sesame seeds!

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Hearty Catering had some amazing veggie-options with this beautiful assortment of fresh salads and gluten-free cookies too!

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And of course, there were the beginnings of spring in Ontario, with produce like hot house tomatoes and peppers.

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The most exciting item was the spring’s first asparagus from Forsythe Family Farms! That DEFINITELY means summer is coming!

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We were also very pleased to have the Rye’s HomeGrown team on site, selling delicious microgreens and some potted aloe vera plants too!

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It got really busy around noon, with lots of people milling about and enjoying the warm weather under the yellow and blue umbrellas.

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If you didn’t make it out today, we hope you’ll join us next week!

Big thanks to the Greenbelt Fund for their support of this program!

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