The story of our food

We are proud to showcase a new mural, lcoated on the wall between the Hub Café and the Service Hub in Jorgenson Hall, that shares we’re most proud of: our delicious locally-sourced food, local partnerships and commitment to the Ryerson community.

The wall is organized into five sections, each communicating the story of our food.

The map

This map of the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario highlights where our food growers and producers are located.

From our local growers… to your plate!

This section features the local farmers and producers featured in meals found on campus right now! It will be updated as seasons, vendors and promotions change.

Staying rooted in our community

Discover where to find food-inspired initiatives, events and activities throughout campus, including food bank donations to upcoming promotional activities to exciting projects we are participating in.

Our values

Learn more about our commitment to ethical and sustainable procurement in this section. You’ll find the dollar value, percentage and brands of sustainable seafood and fair trade purchases we invest in.

Stirring up delicious

This section puts a spotlight on our talented culinary team, led by executive chef Rod Gruffydd. Here you will find personalized messages, favourite ingredients, dishes, recipes and opportunities where you can meet the team.

Ryerson Eats is committed to sustainability and transparency.  Come by the Hub Café to check out the Story of Our Food mural today!

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