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Real Change Happens Slowly

There is a lot of excitement around Ryerson Eats, Ryerson University’s new campus food strategy, and I am thrilled to be leading this amazing team forward in some new directions!  Food has been a really hot topic on campus in the last year, occupying lots of space in our collective conversation.  We hear you Ryerson, and we have invested in some pretty huge change to the way we all engage with food on campus. One of the most common questions I hear these days is: “What changes can we expect to see as students arrive to start classes in September?” Great question, but first let me say this: while we have a number of exciting new things to welcome you with, it’s important to remember that real change happens slowly.  We’re working to change the system that delivers food services on campus as well as the service itself.  What this means is that we’re committed to making real change, and that this is about a completely new direction for Ryerson’s food services, not simply a campaign or promotion. This said, the truth of all of this lies in the food, and your experience of it while you’re on campus.  Here’s what you can expect to see when you arrive in September: Good Food. Our team has been working hard to create seasonal, diverse menus for both residence and retail food services, and they’re excited to start cooking for you!  We have full vegan and vegetarian menus, as well as a variety of options that are made without gluten and dairy. In addition, you’ll see increasing amounts of locally sourced food and seasonal dishes, made with care and attention. Our first priority is changing menus and starting to get new food out to customers. A little further down the road, our next step will be to phase out some of old food offerings.  This means that you’ll still see some branded food concepts in our retail spaces.  Please be patient with us, and know that we have a plan for renovations and redesign of our spaces for the 2014 academic year.

Daily $5 Student Value Meal.  We understand the importance of getting the most value for your money, and that student budgets are tight.  We are so thrilled to introduce our daily $5 student value meal, available at the HUB and in both residences.  These meals will be wholesome and satisfying, in addition to a great deal!

Ryerson Eats Website.  This week our new website will launch, and we’ll have a platform to talk about this process, engage the community and offer inspiration, information and resources around healthy eating at Ryerson.  You’ll see our new communications plan with colourful logos telling the stories about the ingrdients inside the dishes we serve. Big Fun with Social Media.  This week we will also launch our Ryerson Eats Twitter, Facebook & Instagram presence!  Follow us @RUEats and join the conversation! We’ll announce daily specials, contests & promotions, tips on healthy student eating, and answer questions on these platforms, and really look forward to engaging with you online.

Campus Food Events.  We are going to celebrate food as a whole community much more this year!  The folks at Rye’s Home Grown are hosting their Annual Harvest Party on September 18, and Ryerson be hosting a farmer’s market event in October.

I look forward to meeting you all while we enjoy good food on Gould Street and in the quad at community meals and events.  Please join us! We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us, and some really exciting times. Please stay connected to the conversation, engage with us, enjoy the food and have a wonderful fall semester.

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